Monday, June 24, 2013

Hershey's: Luscious Pearls of Chocolate

Bought these at Guardian yesterday. Saw it in the catalogue early this year and finally got all the 2 variants available at RM6.98 each. Manufactured in China. Contents weighed 50g which contain 29-30 pearls. The main attraction for me is the slide-open tin box. I guess this is a limited edition packaging. 

Hershey's has been one of my favourite chocolate brand. This time, the chocolate pearls are really cute. The milk chocolate is smooth as I popped it into my mouth and pressed it with my tongue, pure creaminess! While the dark chocolate are shinning like black pearls, the bitterness is alright for me, I can still taste the light sweetness...

Milk Chocolate Extra Creamy

Special Dark Pure Chocolate 65% Cacao

Gentle reminder: Chocolate is best kept and served at room temperature under normal conditions.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tickets Purchased...My 1st Concert

Finally got myself 2 tickets to MAYDAY No Where World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013. Successful at the 4th attempt but ended up no more discount. Heart pain for having to pay extra RM100. I thought I'd be happy as long as I got the tickets, but somehow, I feel very unfair and I just can't settle down with the extra cost we need to pay, all because the ticketing agent TicketCharge is not providing clear information.

Whilst I only wish that everything will pay off at 2nd March 2013. My first time entering the Rock Zone, for MAYDAY; it might be the last time, bad experience in getting the tickets, so frustrated as if I'm about to get heart attack. All I do now as compensation is to complain here and there on the authorities' FB pages.

Looking forward to the day. Hope it'll be great...and I know it will. *Peace*

Lesson of the day: Get a credit card, debit card is not everything.

P/S: Thanks to my papa for assisting me with the payment.

Monday, December 3, 2012

MAYDAY No Where World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013

Dreamed about this yesterday.
I queued & paid for the ticket.
Managed to get the ticket finally.
I was like so calm, no shrieking at all.
Then I woke up...

Today is 3rd December, 5 more days to the ticket launch.
I was worried since the announcement on last Friday.
All I wish is to have just one ticket oh please. 

Guess I'll be getting Rock Zone if possible...
Wish that you could join me too! 
More info at here~

Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st Purchase From Gmarket In English

Heee...Received my parcel from Gmarket in English today, delivered to my doorsteps by Poslaju van.

Korea Post corrugated box

These are the 2 items I ordered from the $1 Gmarket Blowout Sale (2nd Week: 19th-25th Nov):

Available in 5 colours for each SHINEE members. I have chosen MINHO (Lime). Comes with a MAYPOLE paper bag, poster and PVC card featuring SHINEE.
Check out my review here!

2. G-Dragon 1st Mini Album [One Of A Kind]
Available in 2 versions: Gold and Bronze. I've got the Bronze version.
Check out my review here!

Shipping is quite fast using EMS, though it's costly, that's the only worldwide shipping option. I placed the order on 19th Nov and received it on 29th. Payment was made directly to Gmarket via Paypal . Total amount for this purchase including shipping is RM35.25. Thanks Gmarket for the 1 dollar event!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

An Eye For An Eye

Last time, we moved out from hostel in search for freedom;
Despite the higher rental fees, and those utility bills which are not inclusive.
We want to break free from the rules and regulations which seems unreasonably imposed;
And here we are occupying a rented house with all the freedom we ever wanted.
All we encountered till now could be fine and calm;
If not for the existence of a moron.
Things are all good when we still can compromise in the past;
But now,  intolerable and hatred are all I can feel.
Pardon my intolerance, for not even my self-conscious would let me to;
Letting you act as if you are the boss, manipulating all these that belongs to me.
I shall give back the same, were it possible;
You don't ever know the true me at the dark side.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Contest Prizes Won

L'OCCITANE Holiday Charm and Aromachologie Hair Care Trial Kit
14 Dec 2011

Nando's Angpow
12 Jan 2012

Burger King Mexican Crunch Fiesta Game Level 5
16 Feb 2012

Nando's Meal Vouchers from SAYS 4th Anniversary Birthday Giveaway
10 June 2012

RM20 Starbucks Voucher from AmBank-Madagascar 3 eCampaign (Week 3)
15 June 2012

RM20 Starbucks Voucher from AmBank-Madagascar 3 eCampaign (Week 4)
25 June 2012

RM20 Starbucks Voucher from AmBank-Madagascar 3 eCampaign (Week 5)
2 July 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Come Back In 5 Years...

Thinking of you 2012...
It's hard for me to believe, the day approaching...
Nor do I have prepared for it...

Suffered sitting here, glancing through the exam materials...
This wasn't what I want...But now, is this what I want?
I made myself to live that way...Dislike!

Survived from nightmares in yesterday sleep...
The dark spot in the yesteryear, the time I found the star in my life...
It seems tough to move on, but you made me feel the warmth...

First time in my years...Your existence might due to another reason?
I think, I think & still pondering...
Tomorrow is just another yesterday.

I wish to have you in our future...
Uncertainty is the only boundary.
Revisiting here on Jan 2017...
Either with you...or just me?